Изменения в правила сертификации IPMA Печать
Автор: Бочаров Дмитрий   
24.04.2013 18:26

Уважаемые коллеги,

Готовящиеся к сертификации IPMA имейте в виду в 2010 году в правила сертификации были внесены изменения, к сожалению об этом ни на сайте КАУП, ни на российских сайтах даже нет ни слова!


While IPMA manages the 4-L-C system, the Certification Bodies of our Member Associations perform the actual assessments and certification. The certification process involves several steps for the assessment of a candidate. The assessment steps for individuals are applied to each of the IPMA competence levels A, B C, and D. The IPMA certification system is not completely rigid: Each Member Association adapts some factors and requirements to their local needs.In some cases, Member Associations add more roles to certain levels; this most-often happens with IPMA Level A® and IPMA Level B®. The table below, from November 2010, shows an update of the Four Level Certification system and process.


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